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  • Non Woven Fabric Roll Weed Barrier
  • Non Woven Fabric Roll Weed Barrier
  • Non Woven Fabric Roll Weed Barrier
  • Non Woven Fabric Roll Weed Barrier
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Non Woven Fabric Roll Weed Barrier

Gram :45/50/65/70/100gsm

Size :1x16M,1X25M,1X50M,1X100M

Color :Black

WEED landscaping fabric is designed to prevent weed growth while allowing plants to flourish. It also prevents gravel or bark topping Intermixing with the soil. The Landscape Solutions range is designed for smaller builders, landscapers and DIY projects, using technology tried and tested on major construction projects worldwide.

Weed Barrier


Roll packing:

* Shrink wrapping with pe film

* Neutral or customized label outside

* rolls put in carton (can be as request) or 4-20rolls pack with polybag outside

Pre-cutting packing:

* Individual package as request

* Neutral or customized label outside

* 25pcs per carton (can be as request)

How to use landscape fabric

Landscape fabric works as a barrier so that weeds won’t grow in your flowerbed. Landscape fabric also allows water air, and nutrients to penetrate your soil, helping your plants or flowers grow easier. Read on to learn how to use landscaping fabric.


1.       Prepare the soil and roll out the fabric on the raked bed. Place the plants on to the fabric and  cut a cross making sure it is no larger than the diameter of the top of the plant pot.

2.       Fold the four corners underneath and dig a planting hole, use a bucket to put the soil into as you work. This stops you leaving soil on the fabric, which could result in weeds germinating on the surface.

3.       After planting ease the corners of the fabric around the plant. Firm the area down, water thoroughly and cover with about 50mm layer of bark, cocoa shells, decorative stone chippings,gravel or straw.

Non Woven Fabric


1.For use in landscaping areas.Helps suppress weeds thus reducing maintenance

2.Ideal for creating low maintenance areas, helping new plants to esstablish and keeping them healthy


landscape fabric

Non woven fabric free sample : 

Non Woven Fabric                

     FREE :Sample booklet & pieces of sample

     Sample size :30cm*20cm*10cm (within 0.5kgs)

     Sample freight : collected

     Time : can be sent within 1 day


Stephen 0086-15160332896 


 *If you need a big sample (in rolls or piece exceed 5m ), sample fee is needed accordingly.


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