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Sunshine non woven fabric for Anti-aging

Sunshine non woven fabric for Anti-aging

Sunshine non woven fabric factory adding the new material for Anti-aging to the PP raw material , protect the non woven fabric would not be broken easily outside the sun . This material can effectively prevent pp nonwovens material caused by the surface darkening / powdering / brittleness and other phenomena. Usually it will aslo called UV . Maintain used for the agriculture cover . 1%-5% adding will make sure the fabric have about 2-3 years storing. Different gsm have the different effective on the Insulation, breathable, avoid light.

PP nonwovens have good toughness, better filtration and soft feel, non-toxic, large breathable, wear-resistant,High water pressure resistance, high strength

Areas of product use:

(1)Industrion:berm cloth, waterproof coil cloth, car interior cloth, filter materials; sofa mattress cloth;

(2) Shoe leather - shoe leather lining, shoe bags, shoe sleeves, composite materials;

(3) Agricultural - cold cover, shed;

(4) Medical protective clothing--- protective clothing, surgical clothing, masks, hats, sleeves, bed linen, pillowcases, etc.;

(5) Packing: cement bags, storage bags, suit bags, shopping bags, gift bags, bags and bags lining.



Sunshine non woven fabric factory


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