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Embossed Nonwoven fabric,It is a new non-woven product produced by our sunshine nonwovens Co., Ltd.

Once launched, it is loved by many new and old customers. Next, I will introduce this product to you.

1) New pattern

Unlike conventional non-woven fabrics, Embossed uses many novel patterns, such as B-ROSE, WOOL YARN, PLUM BLOSSOM and so on. 

Compared with ordinary non-woven fabrics, Embossed has more advantages in some applications than ordinary non-woven fabrics.

2)Application of Embossed nonwoven fabric

Embossed non-woven fabrics have many uses.

First of all, embossed can be used to make bags. The bags made by embossed not only have the properties of ordinary non-woven fabrics,

 but also have the effects that ordinary non-woven fabrics can not achieve. It relies on a variety of patterns, and is more popular with consumers.

Secondly, in terms of packaging, if it is used in flower packaging and gift packaging, beautiful, noble, generous, better effect, fashion.

Finally, embossed can also be used as tablecloth and furniture decoration, customizing embossed with different patterns according to customer requirements.

3) Christmas pattern

As Christmas is approaching, New Sunshine Non-woven Fabric Co. Ltd. has launched a new pattern focusing on Christmas. It has received a good response just after it was put into the market, such as Christmas elk. New Christmas pattern has not been widely spread in the market, so if you are interested, you can contact us at any time and believe it can help you. Occupy the market.

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