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Sunshine company promotes small roll nonwoven fabric

Small-roll non woven fabric is an elegant and practical package made from big rolls to small ones. 

This product is mainly home use or retail sale, which can solve the problem of storage and moving.

It can be made into different roll diameter, thickness, color according to customers’ need and antioxidant by adding master batch.

Small roll non woven can be used as agricultural ground cover

1. It can be as weed control, weed mat.

2. It can protect the newly planted plants from coldness and wind, and it can be used to cover the plants.

3. It can be used to cover the soil ball and the ground when plants are transplanted. (windproof, heat preservation, moisturizing, good penetration, convenient for constructing, aesthetic and practical, reusable)

4. Lawn non woven fabric is mainly used in lawn planting, which can protect and irrigate the plants and keep warm (width can be joined to be MAX 36cm). 

It can be made to 12g/m2, 15g/m2, 20g/m2 and other different weight as request.

5. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable and can prevent the plants from perishing.

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Small roll non woven also can be used in daily using

1. The new flower emboss pattern nonwoven can be used to gift and flower wrapping paper, wrapping tape, wrapping ribbon with various colors. 

2. It can be used to non woven shopping bag making material with the excellent flower design.

3. It can be used to disposable nonwoven table cloth, table cover, table runner and place mat in restaurant, coffee house, western dining room. We can do the different size and weight of the non woven as your different usage.

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