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PE laminated /coated nonwoven fabric for overall and surgical usage

    Laminated fabrics are made by bonding two or more fabrics together. Many fabrics require extra insulation or protection, and the foam is bonded to provide this. Sometimes comfort can be an issue with PVC fabrics, so a softer fabric may be bonded instead of using a lining. Making a fabric breathable and waterproof may require lamination of a membrane, as in Gortex and Sympatex.

PE laminated /coated nonwoven fabric features:



3.film Anti-slip 

4.basic nonwoven fabric can do absobent /hydrophobicity

The following spec is our regular cargos,main market is South Korea and Russia: 

1.A/S Treated SPP Dark Blue 50gsm + 20gsm Dark Blue PE film coated ,Hydrophobicity (width:1,600mm)

2.A/S Treated SPP Dark Blue 50gsm + 20gsm Dark Blue PE film coatedHydrophobicity (width:1,600mm)

3.A/S Treated SPP Dark Blue 50gsm + 60gsm Dark Blue PE film coated(Width : SPP 1,073mm PE film: 1,650mm)

4.60gsm Blue Colored BTC film, 30 Rolls(width: 1,650mm Length: 1,000meter/roll)

5.Laminated nonwoven - Absorbent fabric  Weight : Fabric (SMS : 103gsm, ) PE film : 20gsm, Width : 1620 mm, Length: 500m/roll

waterproof nonwoven fabric

antistatic fabric

SMS coated PE film

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