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   Nylon is what we usually call nylon. Nylon fiber has very good durability and excellent physical properties. Nylon Canberra is a kind of hot pressed non-woven fabric, which uses 100% polyamide (nylon) as raw material and is hot pressed at 220 . The specific process is as follows: after the whole package of nylon chemical fiber is opened, it is loosened by the opener, then fed by the cotton machine, and then laid by the mesh laying machine. The chemical fiber becomes soft and flat layers. Finally, after reaching the hot pressing roller, After high temperature (generally about 220 ), the fibers tangle with each other and become cloth. The main range of gram weight of nylon Canberra is 120 grams per square meter to 180 grams per square meter. According to the different lines on the hot pressing roller, it can be divided into: i-line, cross, herringbone, T-line and cloth, Woven lines, etc. nylon Canberra has many different colors after low-temperature dyeing. When dyeing, it has higher requirements for the cloth surface of nylon Canberra, which requires the fiber to lay the net evenly, the gram weight deviation shall not be too large, and there shall be no pits and obvious scars. Nylon Canberra is made by non-woven technology, so it has the characteristics of high production efficiency and large output. Nylon material has wear resistance and is the inner lining of safety shoes, It is also used for bags, household goods, abrasive materials, etc

 Nylon Canberra Nonwoven Fabric

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