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New Product Certificate for Nigeria Importer from Sunshine

Recently, the goods exported to Nigeria, the PC certificate must be provided to the customs, otherwise the goods will be stranded.

Sunshine Nonwoven Fabric Co., Ltd applied for a Form M.PC certificate from the relevant department. This certificate applies to every Nigerian importer.

Product certificate as shown below.



Nigeria product certificate certification steps are as follows:

Step 1 : Nonwoven fabric product testing

The relevant test report is issued by the ISO17025 accredited laboratory.

Step 2 : Apply for a product certificate PC(valid for 1 year)

To apply for a PC certificate, you need to submit the following information:

PC application form (must be stamped),

Product test report

PC is an abbreviation of Product Certification. Only applicable to the first export of a specific category of regulated products to Nigeria. The exporter who passes the product certification will receive a PC product certificate. As long as the product obtains the test report, the application data can be submitted for PC certificate.

Step 3 : Apply for SC clearance certificate

Information required to apply for SC certificate:

SC application form (must be stamped),

Declaration of conformity (must be signed and stamped)

A copy or scanned copy of the PC certificate,

FROM M (the number is not available on the application),

Power of attorney (must be in English),

Packing List,


Bill of lading,


Finally,successful application for a product certificate gives us the ability to ensure commodity trading with importer in Nigeria.


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