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Melt blown non-woven fabric is a kind of ultra-fine fiber non-woven fabric under the tension of strong hot air. 

The fiber diameter is about 2 microns, which is the thinnest of all fibers.

Melt blown nonwovens have good water resistance and air permeability because of their special structure and polypropylene raw materials.

With high filtration efficiency, it integrates the functions of bacteria isolation, toxin filtering, heat insulation, heat preservation, non-toxic and non stimulation.

It is generally used in filter materials, oil absorbing materials, sanitary materials and other fields.

Sunshine nonwoven fabric company can supply white /black meltblown and also grey color meltblown to satisfy customer's reeuqst ,

following is the different degree meltblown used to make different kinds of masks:

Mask categorytechnologyGram weightTest flowmediumPFEBFEresistance
Disposable flat (medical, civil) maskElectret20-2532L/minsalt90+/95+/99+95+/99+less than 30Pa
Meltblown cloth for medical surgical maskElectret20-2532L/minsalt90+/95+/99+95+/99+less than 30Pa
N95/KN95 Melt blown cloth for maskElectret40-50g85L/minsalt99+99+less than 150Pa
N95/KN95 Melt blown cloth for maskHydro charge40-50g85L/minsalt99+99+less than 120Pa
FFP2/KF94/KF99 Melt blown cloth for maskElectret40-50g(KF94:40g95L/minoil95+99+less than 170Pa
FFP2: 25gdouble-deck)
FFP2/KF94/KF99 Melt blown cloth for maskHydro charge40-50g(KF94/KF99:40g95L/minoil99+99+FFP2:less than 140Pa
FFP2: 25gdouble-deck)KF94/KF99:less than 120PA
FFP3 /KP100 Melt blown cloth for maskHydro charge25g3 layers95L/minoil99+(FFP3)99+less than 240Pa
or 30-40gdouble-deck99.97+(KP100)
KN100 Melt blown cloth for maskHydro charge40gdouble-deck85L/minsalt99.97+99+less than 220Pa
Low resistance meltblown cloth for children's maskElectret20-25g32L/minsalt90+/95+99+less than 20Pa
Low resistance meltblown cloth for children's maskElectret20-25g32L/minsalt95+/99+99+less than 15Pa

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medical meltblown


PFE meltblown

medical meltblown

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