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Non-woven fabric has the characteristics of moisture proof, air permeability, flexibility, light quality, no combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic and non irritating, rich in color, low in price, and recyclable. Such as polypropylene (PP material derived from petroleum refining) as raw material, it is produced by continuous one-step process by high temperature melting, spraying wire, paving and hot pressing.

Technological process:

Polypropylene fiber: polymer (polypropylene + return) - large screw high temperature melt extrusion - Filter - metering pump (quantitative delivery) - spinning (spinning and spinning inlet and bottom drawing) - cooling - Air traction - net curtain - Net - upper and lower roller (pre reinforcement) - rolling mill (reinforcement) - winding - - cloth cutting - weighing packaging - finished goods warehousing


1. light quality: polypropylene resin as the main raw material, only 0.9 of the proportion, only cotton.3/5, with fluffy and good feeling.

2. soft: made of fine fibers (2-3D), light point hot melt forming. The finished product has a moderate softness and a comfortable feeling.

3. water, breathable: Polypropylene slice does not absorb water, water content is zero, the finished water is good, the 100% fiber is porous, good air permeability, easy to keep the cloth dry and easy to wash.

4. non-toxic, non irritating: the products are produced in accordance with the FDA food grade raw materials, without other chemical components, the performance is stable, non-toxic, no odor, no stimulation of the skin.

5. antibacterial, anti chemical agents: polypropylene is a chemical blunt substance, not worm eaten, and can isolate the corrosion of bacteria and insects in the liquid; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, finished products do not affect the strength by erosion.

6. antibacterial activity. The products are water extraction, non moldy, and can isolate bacteria and insect pests in the liquid.

7. good physical property. Polypropylene is directly woven into the mesh and bonded with heat. The strength of the product is better than that of the general staple fiber, and the strength is not directional.

8. in the environment of environmental protection, most of the raw materials used for non-woven fabrics are polypropylene, while the raw materials of the plastic bags are polyethylene. Although the two substances are similar in their names, they are far apart in the chemical structure. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene is quite stable and extremely difficult to degrade, so the plastic bag takes 300 years to decompose, and the chemical structure of the polypropylene is not strong and the molecular chain is easily broken, which can effectively degrade and enter the next environmental cycle, a non-woven fabric in the non-toxic form. The shopping bag can be completely broken down in 90 days. Moreover, the non-woven shopping bags can be reused more than 10 times, and the environmental pollution after abandonment is only 10% of that of plastic bags.

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