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Why fruits bag is significant for farmers

Why fruits bag is significant for farmers

  With the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for high quality and pollution-free fruit (so-called green fruit), the market price of pollution-free fruit is  higher than ordinary fruit, pollution-free fruit production depends on the application of fruit bagging technology.


  Fruit bag not only isolates pesticides and environmental pollution, but also makes fruits harmless, and by means of isolation of pests and diseases, the surface of mature fruits is smooth and bright, and the quality of fruits is improved. The benefits are significant. So fruit bag is the coat of fruit and a protective film.

  In the past year, many farmers use spray pesticides, which not only has poor effect, but also causes pollution to the natural environment and harms human health.

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  Fruit bagg(pp spunbond fabric) solves these problems because the fruit in the bag is not invaded by birds, is not infected by Drosophila bacteria, is not scratched by branches during growth, and avoids direct sunlight. Moreover, the breathability of the bag itself can produce an individual greenhouse effect, so that the fruit maintains proper humidity, temperature, enhances the sweetness of the fruit, improves the luster of the fruit, increases the yield of the fruit.

  At the same time, because the pesticide is not needed during the growth process, the fruit has high quality and no pollution, and meets international standards.

At present, more than more farmers use fruits bag(pp spunbond fabric)to protect fruits  instead of pesticides.

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