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      Embossed fabric is a process in which a pair of rollers with a certain depth pattern are used to press and roll the fabric at a certain temperature, so that the fabric can produce a three-dimensional effect with relief style and a concave convex pattern with special luster effect. The bed end towel series is made of embossed cloth, with rich patterns and wide selection. Able to adapt to various hotel selection styles.

    The work of the ribbon embossing machine is divided into two aspects: one is the belt feeding control, which uses automatic tension control to feed the belt, so that each time the belt feeding distance is completely consistent; the other is the embossing, carving copper or aluminum mold, which is fixed on the template, heated by the heating plate, and the pattern or pattern is pressed on the ribbon by hydraulic or pneumatic pressure。

    For 80gsm*80cm*46m, 6rolls/carton,This is the specification most purchased by customers. And there have many embossed type for choose

     Embossed Nonwoven fabric

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