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          Good News! For expand business in nonwoven fabric and do more business in customers. Our company have a production line produce SSS nonwoven fabric now.

            What is SSS nonwoven fabric? It means have three layers nonwoven fabric : Spunbond+Spunbond+Spunbond. And what is the usage of SSS? It can used in baby diaper,health field,Medical and so on. One of our customers from India buy 13gsm,15gsm SSS used in baby diaper. For baby diaper marking, it needs very soft Nonwoven fabric.And for SSS, It can be do very super soft, more soft than S. So customer choose and buy it even the price more higher than S.

             We have a pleasant meeting with the India customer in company.SSS Nonwoven Fabric

          If you have any request or question about Nonwoven fabric,dont hesitate to contact us.


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